Our Jet Boats are two fast Rigid Inflatable boats powered by Outboard Engines that offer 30 minute 40 Knots Experiences and also longer 1 Hour Trips to Clifton Beach.


  • Length 7.8m

  • SAMSA Licence for 12 Passengers & 2 Crew ( 10 Passengers on Fast Trips )

  • Powered by Twin 200Hp Yamaha Outboards

  • Single Open Deck with Centre Console and Jockey Seats, ideal for quick runs down the coast to Clifton and across the bay. No Toilets facilities.

  • Available for Daily Scheduled Cruise ( 4 Passenger Minimums Apply ) and Private Charters

  • No Bar Facilities – Cool box can be arranged with Prior Notice

  • Very Limited   Catering on Request.

Q. What is the minimum amount of people that the boat will go out with?
A. On a half hour trip we go out with a minimum of 4 people. On a 1-hour trip we go out with a minimum of 2 people.

Q. What speed does the boat do?
A. The top speed of the boat is 40 knots.

Q. Can I take electronic equipment aboard the boat?
A. You are welcome to take any electronics on the cruise, but this will be at your own risk as we do on occasion pick up some spray along the way. After all this is a speed boat on the ocean; spray is part of the fun.

Q. Can I wear my sunglasses and hat?
A. You are welcome to wear your sunglasses and hats but it will be at your own risk as the chances of these blowing off is great.

Q. Are kids allowed on the speed boats?
A. Yes, kids are allowed providing they can straddle the jockey seat and their feet touch the ground.
A2. If kids are too small to straddle the seat then they will be able to still go if the trip is a private trip; the ride will be downscaled to accommodate the children on the boat. Still a lot of fun on the water.

Q. What is the weight limit on the boat?
A. The first 4 front seats have a weight limit of 80kg for safety reasons. Thereafter we can accommodate most people. The seats are quite close to each other but have ample space to comfortably accommodate passengers.

Q. How many people can go on the boat?
A. Spectre can accommodate 12 passengers and Jetboat 2 can accommodate 10 people.

Q. What is the dress code?
A. Casual wear is the best. High heels of any nature are a definite no-no. (If the weather permits there might be enough time for a nice dip in the water before returning to the Waterfront, so consider wearing bathing gear underneath clothing.)

Q. Can I go on the speed boat after any recent operations or injuries?
A. While we strive to have a lot of fun on the water we do not take people out that have any ankle, knee or back problems, for their own safety and wellbeing. No people allowed who have undergone operations within the previous 6 months.

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