“Those 400 total combined horsepower mean that the twelve passengers and the experienced skipper aboard Spectre can plane safely across the top of the swells under full throttle, easily averaging 40 knots in complete comfort and safety.”

There are many ways to cruise the Atlantic Ocean, and Waterfront Charters – the V&A Waterfront’s longest serving cruise company – reckon they have pretty much covered the full range. From luxurious sailing catamarans through twin-masted schooners to converted double decked trawlers and a purpose built powerful twin-engine cruising catamaran that can cater for 150 partygoing revellers, they have the lot.

But for those who might be seeking out something a little more exciting; something a little closer to the edge, a trifle more thrilling – there is their new boat: Spectre! If this name evokes thoughts of chases and espionage, excitement and being shaken and stirred, it has served its purpose. Spectre can do all of that (apart from the espionage, possibly), and more: after all, an 8.6 metre, semi-rigid hull that is powered by two 200 horsepower outboard motors can do a great deal.

Like all speedboat inflatables, Spectre sits low on the waterline, a lean, mean profile with a rigid hull that can handle the chunkiest swells the Atlantic can dredge up, with grinning passengers enjoying their James Bond experience.