Waterfront Charter’s Terms & Conditions

Waterfront Charter's Terms & Conditions


“Right of admission reserved and all passengers bear the sole risk of injury to their person or loss or damage to their property from whatsoever cause arising, and acknowledge that they waive and abandon any claim or claims which they may have against the owners, master or crew of the vessel arising from any cause whatsoever including the negligent action or omission of the owners master or crew of the vessel.”All passengers are required to be in possesion of a valid boarding pass before boarding a vessel .No boarding pass = no access.

(enquiry-provisional -confirmed-ticketed )


1. When a client confirms a Private Charter and signs the terms and conditions an invoice is created and sent to the client.

2. A 50% deposit should be recieved within 7 days of receipt of the Private Charter Invoice.

3. Full payment should be recieved at least 7 days prior to the event.

4. Private Charters must be booked for a minimum of 2 hours over the Sunset period (between 17h00 and 21h00 depending on time of year).

5. Full payment is required before a Ticket or  Boarding pass is issued . A Boarding  pass is required for access to the vessel.

6. Payment not made within the agreed arrangement will be raised at 5% plus prime.


1. Enquiries by email or telephone are entered onto our booking Tracker System and an email is generated.

2. Clients may follow the link and pay online by credit card.

3. Enquiries and provisional  bookings are only confirmed when they have been paid . A Booking will only be ticketed on the Day of the cruise.


3.1 PRIVATE CHARTERS (Exclusive Use)

1. The Cancellation Fee will be 100% of the Private Charter Rate should the client cancell the charter within 48 hours ( 2 Days ) of the departure time .

2. The Cancellation Fee will be 50% of the Private Charter Rate should the client cancell the Charter within 30 days of the departure time.

3. In the Case of Special Charters over Christmas Day, New Years Day , New Years Eve , Easter Weekend and Ocean Race Events ,the Cancellation Fee will be 100% of the Private Charter Rate.

4. If a Private Charter is cancelled by us because the skipper deems it unsafe for the charter to take place, a full refund will be made on the Private Charter Rate , however any extras will be the clients responsibility. (eg: catering and any other special arrangements made by the charterer or on behalf of the client).

5. Waterfront Charters will try to arrange an alternative as best it can, should the charter be cancelled for whatever reason by us and will not be held liable for any losses incurred by the person or company chartering the vessel.Any additional Extra costs in Chartering an alternative vessel will be for the clients account .

3.2 SCHEDULED CRUISES  (Individual tickets)

1. The Client will be liable for a 100% cancellation fee if the client does not arrive for a Booked cruise and does not inform the office .We Term a none arrival for a booked cruise as a “No Show ”

2. There wil be no cancellation Fee if the client calls the office 2 hours before the departure time and moves the booking to another day .

3. In The Case of Special Scheduled Cruises over Christmas Day , New Years Day , New Years Eve and Easter Weekend the Cancellation Fee will be 100% of the Scheduled Cruise Ticket Price .


1. All catering is to be finalised at least 5 days prior to the event and this includes payment for any catering.

2. All bar tabs are to be settled before disembarking the vessel at the end of the Charter ( unless prior arrangements have been made ). A 10% Gratuity will be charged on all  Bar Tabs .

3. No beverages are allowed to be brought aboard the vessel without prior arrangements.

4. If the charter is cancelled due to bad weather or any other reason, the client will be responsible for any catering arrangements made ( See Cancellation policy Above )


1. Waterfront Charters (Pty) Ltd cannot be held liable for any damage to or loss of personal goods.
2. Waterfront Charters(Pty) Ltd reserves the right to charge for pilferage or damage to the vessel and/or its equipment and instrumentation
3. All passengers, once aboard the vessel, fall under the direct authority of the Skipper and vessel owners and undertake to comply with any requests and/or instructions issued to them by such persons.
4. Passengers undertake, at all times, to respect the environment and will not intentionally pollute, damage or otherwise harm sea life and the surrounding environment.


1. The Operator will be free from liability for failing to provide a service due to industrial action, unsuitable weather conditions, technical problems or other events beyond the Operator’s reasonable control. Charters will go ahead regardless of weather conditions.



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Your online Confirmation that you will recieve is a Non Refundable Voucher that must be redeemed for a ticket. This is a simple process starting now with the online purchase of the voucher .

Step 1: Recieve the Voucher , within minutes by email. If you put in the incorrect email address or did not recieve the email please email us at info@waterfrontcharters.co.za
Step 2: Make a Reservation:either call, Visit or email us and reserve your place. We will  need to verify your voucher details as these will secure your reservation ( see below )
Step 3: Redeem the Voucher :Visit the office at least 15 minutes before departure , hand in your voucher and recieve a boarding pass ticket. ( You must first have done step 2 , reserved a seat !!)
Step4 : Board the vessel :Show your Boarding pass Ticket and enjoy the cruise
Vouchers have to be claimed with in 25 weeks (6months) of purchase.


You will be asked to provide the consultant with a 13 digit refraction number.
This is the Green code that accompanies the eTicket emailed to the purchaser. EG:  BTSC90000006.

After the voucher has been refracted, the consultant will then ask for the 8 digit verification code.
This is the Red code that accompanies the eTicket emailed to the purchaser. EG:  f02ee47r.

Please have these two codes at hand before contacting the consultants.