It’s Easter (already!) and this is the time when a magical bunny makes a lightspeed venture around the planet, dispensing Easter Eggs – and somehow finding the time to hide them too. The chocolaty treats are then sought out by happy children early on Easter Sunday, and in most cases, the whole lot consumed before lunchtime.

Waterfront Charters consulted the Easter Bunny about his methods, and he has given us some great tips on how to add magic to our customers Easter celebrations.

  • Firstly, make it a whole month of excitement – adults are slower than children when it comes to finding treasure.
  • Secondly, don’t add too many calories. So chocolate is off the menu.
  • Thirdly, make sure the treasure is widely loved – something for everyone.

We listened; we put our heads together; we have done it! Starting from Friday 30th March and extended to the end of April is the Waterfront Charters Easter Treasure Hunt! All you have to do is search through the website and look for hidden treasures: there are R10 000 worth of vouchers lurking tantalisingly in the website, each one giving the lucky finder a great discount on one of Waterfront Charters incredible cruises.

No more hints: start searching now! Look for the hidden Easter icons…we can’t wait to hear from happy treasure finders.

Some T&C’s, of course: you’ll have a month from time of finding the voucher (until the end of April, in fact) in which you can use it, and only one voucher per cruise is permitted. And it goes without saying that the Easter Treasure promotion is separate from other Waterfront Charters offers and vouchers, and excluded from this promotion are the Cruise and Dine Experience and merchandise.

Happy Easter to all, and make it a Waterfront Charters adventure month. Yo ho ho, me hearties!