Clifton Capers, an Enigma and a Grey Goose too.

Clifton Capers, an Enigma and a Grey Goose too.

‘For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.’

E. E. Cummings; “maggie and millie and mollie and may” in 95 Poems, 1958

Been to Moses Beach lately? It’s part of the 8th most popular topless beach in the world, and it is protected by enormous granite boulders. The sand beneath the feet of the people that enjoy its beauty is snow white in contrast to their suntanned bodies, and is made up of quartzite that has been finely crushed over millions of years by the relentless Atlantic Ocean waves. Behind the beach are looming mountain peaks, sculpted over those millions of years by weather and wind. There is a problem with this paradise, mind you. Those of you who know the myth of Brigadoon, the little Scottish village that appears once a century on Christmas Eve, will appreciate the Moses Beach conundrum: it comes and goes, depending on the tides, the quartzite beach sand and the whims of the weather.

Those not in the know, but who might have recognised some of the giveaway clues in the description above, will have muttered something like ‘It sounds like Clifton Beach.’ And they would be correct; Moses Beach is in fact directly adjacent to First Beach at Clifton, and got its rather odd appellation from the papyrus plants that grow along the edge of the sandy area. First Beach at Clifton gets the strongest wave action (diminishing in strength towards Fourth Beach), and this is the reason Moses Beach comes and goes like a sunny Brigadoon. The scalloped beaches of Clifton are a perennial favourite of beachgoers, tourists and locals alike, and the presence of Moses Beach on any given day can be considered a bonus.

Clifton is always on Waterfront Charters radar (literally and figuratively), and our popular Clifton Cruises are a year-round attraction. We offer a very handy ‘pay for eight, get ten’ discount, and this has proven to be very popular with parties and groups of friends who love Clifton, but realise that it can be a bit disconcerting to other visitors to have your own little private party on the sand. Take it offshore, we say, and not only do you get to drink whatever you choose (remembering the sensible alcohol ban that exists on the beach), but you have no parking problems, nobody playing touch rugby in your snacks, no kids playing catch under your umbrellas and no black looks from nearby people who object to your choice of music. Add to that the all-important clincher: no parking problems. Drive into the V&A Waterfront, park, stroll to the Waterfront Charters office to collect your tickets, and we’ll take you to Clifton by sea aboard a luxurious catamaran. Bliss.

But, as they say, that’s not all! On top of the regular Clifton Cruises, Waterfront Charters offer the crème-de-la-crème of Clifton adventures: our renowned Clifton Yacht Parties. These have been a favourite attraction for Capetonians and savvy visitors for ten years, and they are undeniably the best possible way to take in all the attractions of a Clifton visit. They were initially titled ‘Sexy Clifton Yacht Parties’, but we realised that was a tautology – with the words ‘Clifton’, ‘Yacht’, and ‘Party’ already mentioned, ‘sexy’ was definitely implied and absolutely unnecessary.

These phenomenal three hour extravaganzas are a summer highlight in Cape Town, and adding to the magic are our two amazing co-sponsors, Grey Goose Vodka and Schweppes. Just reading those two names together can make the mouth water, and when you are moored off Clifton Beach, lounging aboard a luxurious catamaran, surrounded by like-minded beautiful people, sipping a super-chilled Grey Goose and Schweppes cocktail of your choice, you’ll wonder if you could just stay there forever. Add to that our range of top internationally acclaimed DJ’s: what is a party without music, after all, and each of the ten Clifton Yacht Parties that sets sail will be accompanied by a DJ who knows exactly how to get people moving, smiling and enjoying every moment, and every note. Check the website for details of which DJ will be aboard your choice of party.

Yes, ten parties in all, the first sailing on the 27th November, the last on the 9th of April next year, giving guests time to plan ahead and book. And believe us, booking timeously is important – limited to 40 guests per party, spaces get snapped up very quickly – and we are never surprised to see our regulars returning each year – the Waterfront Charters Clifton Yacht Parties have become a must on the summer calendars. The catamaran Enigma is the ideal vessel for an offshore party, and when you are standing on the deck of this amazing boat, moored off the crowded beach, drink in hand, music in the ears, happy sounds of party people around you, you’ll know that this is what you have been dreaming about for years.

All details on our CLIFTON YACHT PARTIES page; oh, and did we mention that there is a full 20% discount for booking online? Get clicking!