Cruise and Dine – Sunsets and Sparkling Wine

As 2019 heads towards solstice, it’s a reminder that each day in the year is unique in terms of sunrise and sunset. At Waterfront Charters this is more than just a passing celestial anomaly; two of our cruises are directly affected by this constant shift. Both the Sunset Champagne Cruise and the Pre-sunset Champagne cruise have sailing times that shift with the seasons. Whilst summer patrons might be perfectly happy with an extended cruise aboard a luxury catamaran if we set sail at 17h30 and wait for Sol to amble his way west, winter guests might be a little miffed if we cruised out of the docks at 18h30 after the sun had already dipped beyond the Atlantic horizon. It seems self-evident when you put it into words, but we hate to point out too late arrivals that, literally, their boat has already sailed.

And whilst we are on the subject, the Pre-sunset Champagne Cruise is a wonderful cruise option. It may not have the spectacle of the sun winking out as it floats down from view, but there are still incredible sights on offer in the late afternoon; there is still the warmth of a visible sun, and guests get back to harbour in time to meet other potential deadlines or engagements. Nothing is more relaxing than a ninety-minute leisurely cruise; whatever you have lined up for the evening will be suitably enhanced by your laid-back mood. For families with younger kids, it is also very suitable: Mom and Dad still get their champagne, the kids their soft drinks, and all back home in time to make normal bedtime. Above all, everybody gets to enjoy an hour and a half of cruising the gentle Atlantic swells, a treat for young and old alike.

And the gilded car of day, His glowing axle doth allay

In the steep Atlantic stream.

John Milton; Comus (1637)

But…for those with no bedtime deadlines, we still recommend the perfect Cape combination: the Waterfront Charters Cruise and Dine Special. Whether you are a local looking for a sublime night out, or are a visitor who wants to experience the best Cape Town has to offer, a Cruise and Dine evening (or lunchtime, for that matter) gives the best possible of both worlds: an awe-inspiring cruise followed by a gourmet meal at the iconic V&A Waterfront. Naturally, there are choices to be made. First, sail or motor. Serenity One under canvas, or Enigma with her powerful inboard motors? Once you’ve buttoned that down – the meals. Seafood? Steaks? Curry? You can choose between The Greek Fisherman, Meloncino and City Grill – our website has their menus conveniently accessible, but we warn you, choosing is not a simple task. Which means, we assure you, that you’ll be wanting to come back and try the other options. Although even that can be a hard choice: whatever you choose, you’ll want to experience that again too.

The Greek Fisherman
City Grill

We know all this. Which is why we offer an incredible 20% off the Sunset Cruise if you add on the Cruise and Dine option. You want to come back, we want to see you again; the restaurants love to show off their epicurean expertise – so the package is priced so that it can be enjoyed time and time again. It’s a perfect year-round adventure: no matter what season you sail with us you can expect magical views, incredible sunsets and an all-around exciting cruise in Table Bay. Our boats have weather protection, so for the chillier evenings, you can still enjoy every moment. And summer evenings…well, we don’t have to spell it out. Summer in Cape Town is an invitation to enjoy yourself, and Waterfront Charters are there to make that happen.

Design your Cruise and Dine experience on our website, and join us soon. We can assure you of the warmest of welcomes, all year round.