Adventure Cruises

Safety aboard the Adventure Boats:

Waterfront Charters are serious about safety and our guests are our top priority. Please read through our safety guidelines before booking:

Only children over the age of 13 are allowed aboard, and they must be over 1.2 metres in height and able to straddle the on-board seats with both feet on the deck. 

We are obliged to put weight restrictions on the seating as well to ensure the wellbeing of our adult guests.

  • A maximum of 80kg allowed in front seats.
  • A maximum of 100kg allowed in back seats.

Our lifejackets /PFD’s available sizes are: 60 to 125cm chest size.

The following conditions may be adversely affected by the trip: Pregnancy, High Blood Pressure; Heart Conditions; Acute and/or Chronic Knee or Back Injuries. Any person with declared medical condition will not be permitted to go on the trip unless a medical certificate approving the trip - signed within the previous 30 days - is obtained and handed into the office.

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