Feedback, The Breakfast of Champions

Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions

‘O wad some Power the giftie gie us,
To see oursel’s as ithers see us!’

To a Louse. Robert Burns: 1786

Sometimes it makes good marketing sense to take a step back and look at what your company, your job or – face it – even your life, looks like. As the inimitable Scottish poet Robbie Burns wrote, as quoted above, it’s important to try and see ourselves ‘as others see us ’if we want to get a true reflection of the impact we are making on the world. Sometimes we are too optimistic, sometimes too pessimistic, and of course there is no one single viewpoint. There are many, many people in this wide world we live in, and it’s axiomatic that every person will have a different opinion based on their interaction with you or your company.

Robbie Burns intriguing poem title ‘To a Louse’ might need a little explanation here. He was sitting in church of a Sunday morn, and in front of him was a lady of the parish known for her ostentation. Always overbearing and over-dressed for what was a country community, she was wearing a hat that was decorated with feathers. To Burns’ delight, a louse was crawling happily along one of these feathers, and the sight of this interloper put her pretentiousness into context for Burns and a few others in the pew with him, who were all consumed with giggles. The lady was unaware that she was the source of the merriment, and this inspired Burns to pen the lines we quote.

Waterfront Charters are fully aware of the importance of feedback. We work constantly to improve our service, our cruise range, our vessels and indeed, the overall experience of spending time aboard one of our vessels. We have recently introduced a feedback mechanism online to help us ‘see ourselves as others see us’, and we encourage all who have spent time with us to let us know what your adventure was like. We are determined to make every clients’ cruise an experience to be remembered for all the right reasons, so every word of feedback we get will be taken into account. As Cape Town and the V&A Waterfront’s most experienced cruise company we are determined to stay on top of our game.

Back to basics. Who are we and what do we do? We can no do no better than by quoting this article, published in Cape Town Etc., a tourism magazine:

Waterfront Charters are one of the V&A Waterfront’s oldest institutions, having been offering daily scheduled cruises and private boat charter options since the early 1990’s. They have built up a reputation over the last thirty years as one of the most innovative cruise companies in South Africa, never mind Cape Town, and lead the way in luxurious ocean and harbour leisure cruise options.

Over the intervening years Waterfront Charters have built up a fleet of seven vessels, allowing them to provide a vast range of cruises. Their three luxurious catamarans are ideal vessels for sightseeing, parties, events or just chilling out, and they can carry groups of guests from small intimate gatherings up to a 140 happy people. A choice of sail or motor power gives passengers the option of heeling gently under the breezes or powering through the swells, and each vessel has a fully stocked saloon. A variety of catering options are available for private charters, as well as add-on options to thrill guests. Cruise across Table Bay or along the coastline; anchor off Clifton Beach in the sunshine or off Granger Bay to watch the sunset over the Atlantic horizon as you sip chilled sparkling wine – Waterfront Charters have the catamaran cruises to thrill every individual.

For the more adventurous who might be looking to get sea spray in their hair or take a closer look at the ocean wildlife, Waterfront Charters other vessels are ideal. A twin-masted schooner carves across Table Bay under cracking sails, two seating areas and a bowsprit extending from her bows offer perfect vantage point for guests who thrill to the rise and fall of a yacht beneath their sea legs. Two high powered RIBS – rigid-hulled inflatables – are the perfect platforms for Ocean Safaris: getting up close to the array of sea creatures that inhabit the ocean. Whales, dolphins, sunfish, orcas, penguins and many other amazing sights both in the ocean and above the surface are there to be watched and admired from these sleek, low-slung boats.

For those visiting the V&A Waterfront and who want to see the harbour from the perspective of the sailing set, the Waterfront Charters Harbour Tour is the ideal half-hour’s relaxation. All the sights and sounds of the working harbour including the seals and the fishing boats; a trip out of the entrance to the harbour giving a panoramic view of Table Mountain, the City and the harbour; a choice of decks- sun or shade – and a selection of chilled beverages to take the edge off. Perfection!Waterfront Charters have built up a reputation for safety, fun and guest satisfaction; their superb cruise and charter options, amazing boats and friendly crews are part of the V&A Waterfront legend.

It’s who we are and what we do! Join us for the cruise of your choice and don’t forget to give us feedback; we thrive on it!