If Clifton is the Question, Grey Goose is the Anser

“..and every goose a swan, lad,
And every lass a queen.”

Charles Kingsley; The Water-Babies 1863

Clifton Beach attracts wild life, and if you think that statement has a dual meaning, you are absolutely right. Waterfront Charters has been ferrying guests to the iconic Cape Town Atlantic beach for a couple of decades now, and we can rightly be regarded as experts in both interpretations of the phrase ‘wild life’. First (and probably foremost) we love every inhabitant of the ocean, and taking guests from the earthy V&A Waterfront into the watery Atlantic world that abounds with incredible creatures is always a joy. From diminutive penguins to the behemoths that are orcas and whales, we thrill to every sighting. And then there is the other wild life: the party animal that lurks beneath the skins of most of our happy guests. The Waterfront Charters Clifton Parties have become legendary over the summer seasons; after all, what better venue than a luxury yacht moored off one of the most beautiful beaches in the world? Perfect summer weather, an azure sea, golden sun beating down, music playing, beautiful people dancing, sipping, swimming, chilling…if this is the wild life, we bring it on!

Before you choose which party to join, first take a look at our Resident DJ Line Up.

This summer season we are going to add a third element to the equation, one which will bring the two wild life aspects into conjunction: the Grey Goose. This may be confusing to ornithologists who all know (of course) that geese are Holarctic creatures, that is to say they occupy the territories in the Northern Hemisphere. The Greylag goose (to give it its full name) is Palearctic, which means it is found in North Africa, Europe and Asia. Certainly not Clifton, until now. The Grey Goose has an amazing folk history too: it has been linked with Gula, the Sumerian goddess of healing and Ishtar the fertility goddess; in Ancient Egypt it was linked with the Sun God Ra, and in Ancient Greece and Rome with the love goddess Aphrodite. In popular culture, as sacred birds, they were kept on Rome’s Capitoline Hill where in 390 BCE they famously raised the alarm to thwart a sneaky night-time attack by marauding Gauls.

Life is full of moments, big and small, planned and spontaneous, and those moments need something worthy of the occasion – a vodka of unparalleled quality that’s made without compromise.

Anser Anser is the grey goose species name (for those who thought the title of this piece has a typo), and like our party animals, they are a gregarious bird, forming flocks and looking after the interests of the group. Their most common noise might also sound familiar: a ‘resonant honk followed by a low pitched cackle’. Anybody you know?

The Grey Goose that Waterfront Charters are teaming up with is not avian. It’s one of the world’s most popular and delicious drinks: Grey Goose Vodka! We are incredibly excited by this partnership – Clifton, a Waterfront Charters luxury catamaran, and a luxury vodka headlining our drinks offerings. Grey Goose is no run of the mill vodka; it is the first vodka to be produced in the Cognac Maître de Chai tradition, which allows aromas to be produced in the distillation process specific to Grey Goose vodka. Their bottles alone are a work of art…with an exclusive range of delicious flavours to choose from – L’Orange, Le Citron, La Poire, Cherry Noir and Le Melon – Grey Goose is a mixologists dream. Grey Goose is a Bacardi owned brand, and has been named the ‘best-tasting vodka in the world’ by the Beverage Tasting Institute. It is also seen as the brand most favoured by ‘aspirationals’, and has been cited as more popular than Rolex watches and Mercedes Benz cars by those on the move – join the movement on a Clifton Yacht Party!

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But wait – there’s more! Each of the planned ten summer Clifton Yacht Parties by Waterfront Charters and Grey Goose will have a top resident DJ to provide the sounds that go with the adventure. The roster includes Anthea Scholtz, Minx, Tanya Vee and Ron Crowley, so guests are guaranteed the best in contemporary sounds.

The most exciting party package you can imagine: the collaboration of the experienced luxury Waterfront Charters team; the superb internationally recognised French based Grey Goose vodka as a headliner; perfect professional sounds from top DJ’s; magical Clifton as a venue.