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  • Junior Consultant and Reception in the Waterfront
  • Seasonal Bartenders/Serving Crew Aboard Southern Cross
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  • Strong telephone and interpersonal skills. You will be answering calls all day from passengers wishing to make bookings on the boats, so you need to understand them and they need to understand you as many are from other countries and English may not be the first language. Patience and communication skills are a must.

  • You will need to provide general advice about our products, and specific advice about the boats we have and the different cruise options available. Our staff must impress potential clients with their knowledge about all the boat trips and charters on offer at Waterfront Charters, and you will be expected to learn all these details.

  • Numeracy: the ability to draw up quotes. You are also expected to guide clients through the various options available on the website that meet with their budgets and expectations. An example would be the offering of an option of a dinner ashore after a private charter or a scheduled cruise.

  • Making and completing the booking, and emailing the clients with the booking confirmation and explaining the online payment options. Creating customer and supplier invoices if required, as well as general office admin: the job is not done until the paperwork is done.

  • Welcoming clients to the booking office and printing out their boarding passes once payment has been made.

  • Moving bookings to different days when we have weather cancellations.

  • Understanding social media and the website and the need to handle complaints in a diplomatic manner.

  • Bring your character! Show us your ability to be true to yourself by being yourself, and providing a welcoming environment in a busy office, ensuring that Waterfront Charter Clients stay Waterfront Charter Clients! Our staff work as a team and you will be part of this vibrant crew.


  • Be able to be at work on time and able to work until after the Sunset Cruise which departs at 19h00 in December.

  • Office Hours are 08h30 till 20h00, and as a tourist destination, we are open 7 days a week including Christmas and New Year.

  • Own Vehicle – you need to be able to get to safety after work.

  • At least 2 years work experience dealing with sales and customer service.

  • A Good sense of humour, the ability to think on your feet, as well as a bit of patience.

  • Computer literacy as we deal with emails, web-based inquiries and WhatsApp.


  • Waterfront Charters are looking for experienced Bartenders to work aboard of our luxury catamarans and Harbour Tour Yachts. You will be working with a wide variety of customers, both local and foreign speakers, so an ability to remain professional under pressure and keep smiling is an absolute must.

  • Experience in the tourist industry will be an advantage, but not essential. You will be a member of a professional crew aboard a boat, and part of your duties will be to ensure overall client satisfaction and safety. At all times you will report to the skipper of the vessel.

  • Knowledge of drinks – both alcohol-based and non-alcoholic – is important. You will also be required to promote particular sponsored brands on occasion. 

  • As you will be working with money, it goes without saying that honesty is a non-negotiable quality. We will require references from previous positions held in this capacity when applicable.

  • Seagoing experience is not essential, however, bear in mind that you will be working at sea, so if you are a suffer from chronic seasickness this is not going to be your ideal position! As we do not sail in extreme weather, conditions are normally smooth.

  • Bring your character! Show us your ability to be true to yourself by being yourself, Our staff work as a team and you will be part of this vibrant crew. Waterfront Charters aim is for all clients to remain clients, and to repeat great experiences. You must be a positive part of that experience.


  • The following two certificates are the minimum requirements for working on an under 25-ton passenger vessel.

    • SAMSA Seafarers Medical valid for one year.

    • STCW - PST Course

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