Listen to the Ocean…Hey, it’s Playing Retro Remixed Old School!

‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’

Friedrich Nietzsche; Twilight of the Idols, 1889

The Waterfront Charters Clifton Yacht Parties have become something of a summer staple in Cape Town. Take the combination of a seriously luxurious motor catamaran – the amazing Enigma – with a happy-go-lucky group of party-goers, all spiced up with delicious drinks and superb sounds, and park it in the bay off one of the world’s most beautiful beaches – Clifton, of course – and you have the perfect recipe for fun. It’s not just the time at anchor either: departing from the iconic V&A Waterfront is a treat in itself, and the relaxed journey along the coastline takes in some of South Africa’s finest scenery.

The history of the shoreline is only surpassed by its magnificence; guests are following the sea paths of many famous explorers who have passed this way. From Vasco da Gama aboard his tiny carrack Sao Gabriel in 1497 to Antonio de Saldanha in 1503 – the first European to climb Table Mountain. Considering that Table Mountain is now known as the busiest mountain on the planet, that’s some record to hold. Then followed the Dutch sea traders who established the Gardens in Cape Town in the mid-1600’s; Captain Cook in 1771 and Admiral Nelson in 1773. British, French, Spanish and Portuguese ships plied up and down the coast of Africa and round Cape Point (not all of them, as has been pointed out before – many a rusty relic lies on the rocks and seabed of the Cape of Storms.) Charles Darwin was fascinated by the Cape Town mountains on his visit aboard the Beagle in 1836; as you sail past Sea Point you’ll pass a monument to his visit – well worth checking out when you get back to shore.

If history isn’t your bag, you’ll be taken in by the magnificence of the views. Believe us, seeing the Cape mountains from the vantage of the Atlantic Ocean is a whole new experience. There is something awe-inspiring about having that stretch of sea between you and Africa that puts everything into a new perspective. Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill and the Twelve Apostles all take on a presence that is breath-taking, and if you are looking out to starboard, the ocean stretching away to the horizon is equal in its splendour. And we haven’t even reached Clifton yet… take another sip of your refreshing cocktail and revel in the moment.

Enigma, your ocean-going twin-hulled chariot, is the ideal vessel to host an offshore soiree. She is Waterfront Charters latest addition to the fleet, and her beautiful lines, capacious decks and deluxe fittings make her a five-star floating party venue. Pushed through the swells by powerful twin diesels, she glides gently across the ocean until you reach Clifton Beach, where the skipper will drop anchor and the party proper gets underway. Waterfront Charters have two great co-sponsors for our Clifton extravaganzas: Grey Goose Vodka and Appletizer soft drinks; the combination of these delicious beverages can make for some adventurous cocktails among the other staples on offer. The bar area amidships is a gathering place, and ideas can be shared while new tastes are explored.

And then there’s the music… Waterfront Charters know that any party is only as good as the sounds that drive body and soul in happy movement, and to this end we hook up with the best DJ’s in the business. Cue NYX (or Nix, if you have to call her), who is spinning her magical web of sounds on our 19th December Clifton Yacht Party. There probably isn’t a serious party-goer in Cape Town who hasn’t already been captivated by NYX’s music; for the past decade she has been enchanting audiences at Underground and Commercial venues all over the city’s hot-spots. She has featured on line-ups with alongside International names such as Dave Seaman (UK), Alexey Sonar (Russia), Vertex (Serbia), Haldolium (Germany), Nick Warren (UK), Alex Cruz (USA), adding her own inexplicable zest. With a wide array of musical genres at her fingertips, NYX can read a crowd like an open songbook, and will take the party on a sonic ride. We are proud to have her behind the decks (and above the decks too, if we can mix meanings here), and know that lucky guests are going to have the party of the summer to remember – if not of a lifetime!

Book soon, party animals: spaces are limited with social distancing protocols (safety even before fun, of course), and we know that, as with our solidly booked first event on the 28th November, places will be rapidly filled.

Do we need to summarise (or perhaps summerise…)? A Clifton Yacht Party aboard an amazing boat, with brilliant music, summer vibes, refreshingly delicious drinks at a venue that’s just out of this world…see you on the 19th December – bring your friends and your bathing suit.