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Big Blue Alfresco


THIs collection is a celebration of the magnificent Mediterranean summer we enjoy in the Cape. The ideal spread to share with family, friends and colleagues while sailing atop the big beautiful blue enigmatic waters, and below the bright blue Cape summer skies of the mother city.

See the menu in the description.

To be used in conjunction with a PRIVATE CHARTER excluding Spectre & Adventure 1. You can only add one catering option per order. This add-on caters for a minimum of 20 passengers. If you are more than 20, you can add additional menus below.

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HMSF005 Grilled salmon with vine tomatoes – Whole fillet of salmon gently roasted with vine tomatoes, a spectacle of a meal


HMSF004 Mediterranean Roasted Line fish – Whole catch of the day roasted with robust Mediterranean herbs and olive oil on a bed of medallion sliced tomato and potatoes.

HMME010 Beef Fillet Tagliat Seared beef fillet drizzled with gremolata served on a bed of rocket with parmesan shavings

HMCH032 A glorious Mediterranean style chicken pie, generously filled with tender chicken pieces, fresh herbs, hints of cistus, and adorned with olives and sun-ripened vine tomatoes

SALAD022 Constantia Salad

An elegant salad of dressed lentils with roasted beetroot and fistfuls of fresh mint elegantly finished with blanched asparagus spears and soft goats cheese

SALAD014 Grilled vegetable platter

Seasons best, grilled and layered on a platter with fistfuls of fresh peppery rocket

Artisanal bread basket with butter, balsamic and olive oil