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Cruise and Dine – Sushi Combo

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1 Hour Catamaran Cruise

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Classic Plate: 14 Pieces per Person

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The Waterfront Charters Cruise & Dine experience is superbly complemented by our Sushi Cruise & Dine partnership with Sevruga Restaurant. The opulent setting right next door to our office on Quay 5 features exquisite panoramic views of the harbour, and the newly renovated interior offers intimate seating with a magnificent American walnut bar counter and solid wooden floors, that is a contrast to the semi-outdoor seating, for more of a relaxed feel, that boasts natural light and outdoor plants. As they put it themselves, their colour pallet is a refined cool ocean breeze, blended together with satin, earthy tones; perfect for your post-cruise culinary treat.

The Waterfront Charters Cruise part of the experience is a 1-hour cruise starting at 11h30, 13h30 and 14h30, aboard one of our luxury catamarans, the motor-powered Enigma or the classic sail-powered Serenity One.

The superb Sushi plate that guests will enjoy at Sevruga after the appetite inducing cruise is their popular classic 14 piece plate:


Classic Plate: 14 pieces per person:

  • 4 x Tuna California
  • 4 x Salmon / Tuna rainbow
  • 4 x Prawn Bam Bam
  • 2 x Salmon Roses

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