Serenity One & Enigma Private Charter

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Two Catamarans, Four Hulls: One Party!

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Product Description

Two Catamarans, Four Hulls: One Party!

Waterfront Charters two state-of-the-art catamarans look superb when sailing in tandem. The motor-powered Enigma can carry up to 50 guests, and Serenity One’s sail powered hulls can comfortably host 40 guests: this means that if you have a party or an event that numbers up to 90 people, we offer the option of both beautiful vessels, cruising together in harmony. A unique way to ensure all your guests get to experience the magic of an Atlantic Ocean adventure. If weather permits, it will be possible to moor the boats side-by-side (perhaps off Clifton – it just gets better and better…) and party-goers can switch from power to sail and back again, experiencing the best of both worlds.


  • Up to 90


  • 2 hours = R35,600.00
  • 3 hours = R44,500.00
  • 4 hours = R53,400.00

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