Raise the Blue Flag; Drop Anchor and Crank Up the Volume: it’s Clifton!

We often hear the term ‘Blue Flag Beach’, and most of us are probably aware that this denotes a special beach. Indeed they are special, and South Africa has no less than 46 Blue Flag beaches spread along our lengthy coastline, so perhaps it’s important to know that Blue Flag doesn’t just mean beautiful: it also means – according to WESSA, who manage the beaches in South Africa – “an international symbol of quality for beaches, boats and marinas that meet a standard of excellence in the areas of safety, amenities, cleanliness, environmental information and environmental management.”

In other words, management of the beach is aimed at sustainable tourism – the beach is not exploited to satisfy human needs; it is cared for and maintained in as pristine a condition as is possible. Blue Flag status isn’t for life, either – every beach is assessed on a yearly basis, so the maintenance is ongoing.

At Waterfront Charters we love that idea. We love the fact that the Western Cape has no less than 30 of those SA beaches granted Blue Flag status, we love the fact that our coastline is being protected against exploitation.

But most of all…we love Clifton Beach. If we can mix our metaphors, Clifton is the flagship of Blue Flag beaches. It is world-renowned for many reasons, as we have often mentioned before; it has a timelessness and elegance that pushes it to a level very few places on earth can match for grandeur and atmosphere. Small wonder that Clifton is a destination that sits high on our list of cruises: from eco-adventures to coastal cruises, we love showing off the splendour of the snowy beaches, granite megaliths and crystal clear waters that lie under the gaze of the Twelve Apostles mountain range.


A Thank You to Photographer and Media Creator Ross Lubbe. Show him south love @rosslubbemedia / @rosslubbe

Clifton also says ‘Fun!’, and that capital F is intentional. Whether you are a sun-seeking local or international tourist; some of Cape Town’s beautiful people or a young family; looking to bask in a perfect environment or bodysurf the breakers, Clifton is perfect.

So here’s the thing: Waterfront Charters have made it even more perfect. Imagine being moored off Clifton Fourth Beach aboard a luxury yacht. In your hand an ice-cold cocktail; in your ears the mellifluous tones of a top DJ playing the perfect tunes. Around the boat the chilled Atlantic, cooling the hot summer sun, and around you some of the hottest (or should that be ‘coolest’? You decide…) people in the City - all enjoying every moment of a party off the Clifton shoreline. Waterfront Charters Sexy Clifton Yacht Parties have become renowned as THE summer events not to be missed, and the 2019 season is kicking off. You don’t have to be a billionaire to participate, but we can assure you you’ll feel like one.

Clifton is cool, Clifton is beautiful, but Clifton is also crowded. Parking at Clifton? Sure, if you get there at sunrise. Alcohol on the beach? Not a chance (and wisely so.) With a Sexy Clifton Yacht Party you park at the V&A; no sweat. You’ll board the amazing Serenity One, a state of the art sailing catamaran, and our expert crew will sail you to your destination – no traffic, just spectacular views. The bar is stocked with delicious drinks, the DJ will set the scene. You’ll drop anchor off Clifton, and then…just do whatever you want to do. Dance, swim, try a Stand-up paddle. Laze on the trampoline, and wave at the throngs on the beach – they’ll even wave back, sometimes, if they can see you through the crowds.

It’s the best way on earth to enjoy a Sunday afternoon; trust us – we’ve been doing it for some years now, and it never gets old.
Check out dates on our website, and dig out your sexiest swimwear: add to the glamour that is Clifton Beach on a summer’s afternoon.