Sail into Spring

Waterfront Charters operate 365 days a year – we love what we do, and come what may in the weather department, we are ready and willing to take on the Atlantic. But we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t love the warmer months for all the activity it brings: Clifton Beach on a summer’s day holds a lot more attraction than Clifton Beach on a blustery wet July afternoon…

So, when spring is sprung and the nights grow shorter, we scrub the decks, polish the brass and stock the galleys on our boats (mostly with delicious bottles for when the sun is over the yardarm…), and look to giving our guests sailing experiences they will remember for a lifetime. With seven vessels offering a plethora of cruising adventures there is something for everyone; from hardened salts looking to take on the seas aboard a twin-masted schooner, to romantic sunset cruises and ocean safaris. And on that note, sunset cruises now depart the V&A Waterfront at 17h30, so our guests can soak up some late afternoon sun before it settles magnificently into the horizon, lighting up the mountains of the Cape spectacularly.

We make it so easy, too: with our Spring Specials, by booking online, you qualify for up to 20% off normal rates – we want everyone to experience Waterfront Charters hospitality. Add to that the 3 for 1 special offer, where two children under 17 get free passage aboard a Coastal Cruise when with an adult – it’s our Spring Gift to all our customers, old and new.

It’s ‘talk like a pirate day’ on the 19th, too; so, ahoy mateys and landlubbers – Avast ye! All hands hoay! Join our seadogs for rollicking adventures aboard our privateers and get ye three sheets to the wind whilst saving doubloons! Yo ho ho and, of course, aaaaarr!

. . .