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Thank you for visiting our Online Shop  , we are happy to have you as a visitor ! This Online Shop is designed to make your online booking of a boat trip a pleasant experience , save you time and also money .
Please Select the Cruise type , select the required amount of adults / Kids and then proceed to the checkout . Once you have completed our 3D Secure payment you should receive 3 emails:
  1. Email from Iveri confirming payment .
  2. Email confirming the  ORDER with an order number –( ie 4 Sunset Champagne Cruises eVouchers )
  3. Email with the Individual eVouchers Attached as pdf Files

Buy online and save!

Buy your EVOUCHERS online and save. The online prices are less than the price you would pay if you purchased TICKET/BOARDING PASS at our office on Quay 5. They are ideal as gifts as they are emailed as individual EVOUCHERS. You save time as when you are ready now to make an actual reservation with a fixed date and time your booking is automatically confirmed as paid when you provide your Order Number. Remember that you still need to collect your boarding pass at Quay 5 Office before boarding the boat, but you will save time as well as you can use the “Online “ Q.

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