Sparkling in Dawn’s Early Light

“In saffron-coloured mantle from the tides of Ocean
Rose the Morning to bright light
To gods and men.”

Homer; The Iliad, circa 750 BCE

It’s mid-December, and Waterfront Charters are at full pace. Which is not surprising, given that it is summer, school holidays and, of course, Cape Town. Our seven vessels are all spruce, shipshape (an expression that is probably redundant in this instance; they are all definitely shaped like boats, and are always in peak condition), and crewed by enthusiastic skippers and their onboard teams. Having this amazing fleet to work with, we are constantly looking for new ways to ensure guests have an ever wider range of cruises to choose from, and so realised that there was a time of day just begging to be utilised – early morning. Perfect! So added to our already comprehensive list of cruises are two new just after break-of-day trips: seven a.m. Ocean Safaris aboard our superb high powered RIBs, and a more sedate (and with a slightly later departure) Morning Prosecco Cruise, aboard the luxurious catamaran Enigma.

Join us for an exhilarating Ocean Safari under the incredible light of a morning summer sky!

The Ocean Safari is self-explanatory; ask any game ranger and they’ll tell you – the best time to see wildlife is early in the morning. This isn’t only true of South Africa’s beautiful inland game reserves, it’s also true of the biggest wildlife park in the world – the ocean. The Atlantic is a perfect example, and it is our playground. We head out from the V&A Waterfront at 07h00 – a respectable time for humans, and also because unlike the land-based game reserves, departing before sunrise is not a sensible option – and with 400 horsepower at our command we take you effortlessly into Table Bay or along the coastline aboard one of our low-slung speedboats. It’s not a race, we hasten to stress. Our aim is to spend an hour finding and watching a variety of ocean based life forms, and we can sidle up to schools, flocks, pods, rafts (penguins, in case you missed our earlier blog), waddles (yes, also penguins, on land), plumps (seals, no kidding, unless they are on land – then a group is called a bob) and shoals without disturbing them. With the sun angled and sparkling on the waves, photo-opportunities abound, and whilst we can’t guarantee that you’ll see Moby Dick, Mumble, Nemo and/or Flipper, you will most certainly have the views of a lifetime, not to mention an invigorating ride. Open seas, morning peace and an array of wildlife: bliss.

There can be no more thrilling or sparkling start to a perfect day!

Then there is the Morning Prosecco Cruise. This is also self-explanatory – it’s an indulgent ride aboard the amazing powered catamaran Enigma, and it has the grace notes of delicious Prosecco sparkling wine to add to the perfection. We’ll leave the V&A Waterfront around 09h00, and Enigma’s quietly powerful motors will push us into Table Bay. From there; well that depends on the morning, the breeze, the whims of the passengers and the wildlife that is waiting in the Bay, and the views of mountains, sea and islands begging to be photographed. Iced bottles of delicious Prosecco will be uncorked, and each passenger (over eighteen years of age – no exceptions) will be treated to two glasses of Italy’s finest sparkling wine. A full hour’s cruising will get guests back to the quayside in time to tackle the rest of their day, no doubt full of sparkle themselves after an hour well spent. Although it may be hard to attempt a working day after such a relaxed start; perhaps spend the rest of the day chilling at the V&A. Or take another Waterfront Charters cruise – highly recommended, and you’ll already have your sea legs.

You can dance or swim, chat or chill – on the incredible Enigma, as we drop anchor at Clifton Bay to soak in the beautiful coastal scenery.

A final note on what’s trending – don’t forget our incredible Clifton Yacht parties. We have already kicked off the season with an amazing party, and the other cruises are filling up fast. There is no better way to celebrate all that is phenomenal about a Cape Town summer: a luxury catamaran anchored off Clifton, one of the most beautiful (and trendy) beaches on the planet, with the opportunity to dance, relax, swim and sip. Add a selection of top DJ’s to provide the audio ambiance, Grey Goose Vodka from co-sponsors Bacardi and a like-minded gathering of party animals – it’s perfection on the gentle ocean swell. But book soon: places aboard these events are very quickly filled.

Waterfront Charters: innovative, experienced and dedicated to providing the best possible Cape Town experiences for visitors, tourists and locals alike – it’s what we do and we love it.