Waterfront Charters Covid-19 Management Plan

In line with Government protocol, Waterfront Charters have a comprehensive management plan in place. Keeping safe, of course, is up to every individual as well:  we encourage you to take extra precautions at all times to stop the spread of the virus and do your part to flatten the curve. This includes wearing your mask when out in public, keeping a 1.5m distance from others to practice safe social distancing, washing your hands regularly, and not touching your face. If you feel ill or unwell, please remain indoors, and should you experience any COVID-19 symptoms – please consult with your doctor immediately.

Our management plan is based on the standard approach to reducing the spread of Covid-19:

  • Company Policies and Procedures
    We have explored all the governmental and health sector recommendations, and have adjusted our policies and procedures accordingly.
  • Risk assessment and adjustment strategies
    We realise that Covid-19 management is a moving target; we continually update and adjust strategies when necessary.
  • Employee training methodologies
    We understand that staff training and buy-in to the Waterfront Charters protocols are an intrinsic part of the process and continually train and update staff members on the necessary requirements, functions, and legislation.
  • Security Protocols
    There can be no breach of the regulations; we have strict controls in place to monitor processes.

We have taken into account the V&A Waterfront recommendations and criteria when setting up the procedures: their plans are intrinsic to the safety of the Waterfront, and we work within their parameters. We are constantly monitoring governmental regulations and recommendations, and will immediately adjust our protocols to meet the demands.

Our staff and guests are our lifeblood; we will do everything in our power to keep them safe in this time of crisis. If we all work together in this regard we can beat this virus and Waterfront Charters can return to a full schedule of cruises in absolute safety.